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On March 21, 2014 a wrongful death lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana (Case 2:14-cv-00658) against the the manufacturer of the testosterone replacement gel Testim®.  The family members that filed the lawsuit claim that the victim suffered injury and died due to his use of the Testim testosterone therapy gel. The lawsuit claims the manufacturer, Auxilium Pharmaceuticls, Inc., misrepresented that Testim is a safe and effective treatment for low testosterone, when in fact, the drug causes serious and life threatening cardiac events. The lawsuit goes on to say that consumers of Testim were misled as to the drugs safety and efficacy.

Hidden Dangers of Testosterone Therapy Drugs

Testosterone drugs currently carry no mention of increase risk on their labels or advertisements. Recent studies have found that Testosterone therapy significantly increases the risk of heart attack in older men with a history of heart disease. These findings have prompted some experts to call for more extensive warning labels on such drugs. After these findings the Food and Drug Administration decided to reassess the safety of testosterone therapy drugs.

Testosterone Therapy Injury or Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Our dangerous drug attorneys are currently investigating potential lawsuits for those who have suffered from heart attacks, strokes, or any other serious medical conditions after using a testosterone replacement drug. If you’ve suffered from the complications of a testosterone therapy treatment, contact the Serpe Firm today to discuss your situation.

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Testosterone therapy may pose a serious risk to the men who use it, and the risk may even be fatal, new studies are showing.

The FDA has been investigating numerous testosterone-replacing drugs after troubling reports of higher rates of strokes, heart attacks and deaths from the men who have been using the drug. One such drug, AndroGel, reportedly caused a stroke for a gentleman who was using it; the victim’s attorney claims that the drug possessed no warning label signifying the greater risk of heart attack or stroke.

The FDA has not advised men taking testosterone drugs to cease the treatment during the investigation.

These reports have been rising in recent times, and they are concerning; testosterone therapy is undertaken by countless men, and if there is a greater risk for strokes and heart attacks—and even death—then patients have a right to know about it. The FDA should work hard to investigate these products and ensure they’re safe for consumers.

Has A Testosterone Replacement Drug Harmed You?

If you’ve suffered from the complications of a testosterone therapy treatment, contact the Serpe Firm today to speak with our dangerous drug lawsuit lawyers. Our attorneys are actively involved in high-profile products liability lawsuits. Our lawyers have been appointed by their peers to serve as lead counsel in complex products litigation all over the country. Toll Free: 877-544-5323