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The FDA is well aware of the potential risks of testosterone drugs, which is why an advisory panel of the organization has recommended limiting the use of such medications.  Furthermore, it has also suggested that testosterone drug makers conduct additional studies to learn more about the possible side effects. Click here to read our article about the new restrictions.

There are many concerns revolving around testosterone drugs, including a potential link between the products and serious health concerns, such as stroke or heart attack. Currently lawsuits are being filed nationwide against the manufacturers of these drugs. Those filing the lawsuits allege that if they had been warned about the serious side effects of the testosterone therapy drugs, they would have never agree to take them.

According to FDA documents, 1.3 million people were prescribed testosterone in 2010. This number jumped to 2.3 million by 2013, showing a growing trend in the number of patients using this type of medication.

Testosterone Therapy Lawsuit Lawyers

Our dangerous drug attorneys are currently investigating potential lawsuits for those who have suffered from heart attacks, strokes, or any other serious medical conditions after using a testosterone replacement drug. If you’ve suffered any serious side effects after taking a testosterone therapy medication, contact us for a free case evaluation.