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Depo-Testosterone Injection LawsuitA California man has filed a product liability lawsuit against Pfizer, the company responsible for manufacturing the Depo-Testosterone shot. He alleges that the shot caused him to suffer several acute infractions, leading to additional time spent in the hospital as well as a greater future risk of heart attacks.

While the man and his wife filed the lawsuit on July 31, they are not the first people to do so. There are many others throughout the country pursuing testosterone lawsuits against the drug makers of many injections, patches, and gels, all of whom feel that an adequate warning, regarding heart risks, was not given.

According to the lawsuit, the man noted that if he were aware of the risks associated with Depo-Testosterone that he would have opted against the treatment.

Testosterone Lawsuit Lawyers

Depo®-Testosterone is a prescribed testosterone replacement therapy injection that may be linked to serious side effects such as heart attacks, stroke, or even death. Our attorneys are currently investigating potential lawsuits for those who have suffered serious medical complications after using the testosterone injections.

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