FDA to Add Testosterone Therapy Blood Clot Warnings

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has made a big decision, now requiring manufacturers to include a general warning on the label of all approved testosterone products stating the risk of developing blood clots. This is meant to warn users about the link between blood clots and testosterone replacement therapy.

Before this change, the risk of blood clots was already included on the label due to the risk of developing these as the result of polycythemia, a problem that can occur with the use of testosterone treatment. However, recent reports of venous blood clots, not related to polycythemia, has prompted the FDA to require a change to the way these drugs are labeled.

Click here to see the FDA announcement. 

Testosterone Lawsuit Lawyers

Despite the fact that testosterone products are FDA approved, there are side effects, such as blood clots, to be aware of. Has your health taken a turn for the worse due to the use of an FDA approved testosterone product? In addition to reporting this to your medical professional, contact us to learn more about your rights. You may be in position to file a lawsuit to receive compensation for dangerous side effects that have had a negative impact on your health.

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