Scientific research is updated daily, often with seemingly contradictory results. This often makes medical advice difficult to follow. A number of lawsuits have recently been filed against the makers of testosterone therapy drugs because of their link to increased risk of heart attacks and stroke. Many of these claims were filed after the FDA cautioned Americans about the risks associated with testosterone therapy.

Testosterone is often used to treat men with hypogonadism. The condition, which causes low testosterone levels, frequently occurs in men with head injuries or problems with the testicles. A 2013 study reported testosterone may increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes and deaths.

A new study, however, disagrees. Salt Lake City researchers announced this week that they found no link between testosterone treatment and heart attack or stroke risks. This flies in the face of other studies that found first time testosterone users were 40 percent more likely to have a heart attack than those who did not use the drugs.

As the medical community continues to research this issue, the lawsuits continue to pile up. A growing number of plaintiffs have claimed the drugs did not adequately offer warnings about health risks, and that not enough research was done before the product began being marketed.

Though this most recent study may seem to contradict those that came before, the ultimate outcome is the same: more research is needed to settle the debate. Thousands of people undergo testosterone therapy each year and deserve to know just the risks associated with the treatment.

Testosterone Therapy Lawsuits

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The FDA is well aware of the potential risks of testosterone drugs, which is why an advisory panel of the organization has recommended limiting the use of such medications.  Furthermore, it has also suggested that testosterone drug makers conduct additional studies to learn more about the possible side effects. Click here to read our article about the new restrictions.

There are many concerns revolving around testosterone drugs, including a potential link between the products and serious health concerns, such as stroke or heart attack. Currently lawsuits are being filed nationwide against the manufacturers of these drugs. Those filing the lawsuits allege that if they had been warned about the serious side effects of the testosterone therapy drugs, they would have never agree to take them.

According to FDA documents, 1.3 million people were prescribed testosterone in 2010. This number jumped to 2.3 million by 2013, showing a growing trend in the number of patients using this type of medication.

Testosterone Therapy Lawsuit Lawyers

Our dangerous drug attorneys are currently investigating potential lawsuits for those who have suffered from heart attacks, strokes, or any other serious medical conditions after using a testosterone replacement drug. If you’ve suffered any serious side effects after taking a testosterone therapy medication, contact us for a free case evaluation. 

With the help of a 20 to 1 vote by two FDA advisory committees, new label restrictions for testosterone replacement therapy medications are coming soon. In short, this change is meant to prevent these drugs from being used by men experiencing a decrease in testosterone due to their age.

The new labeling will make it clear that these drugs are only to be prescribed and used by men with hypogonadism, a medical condition that results in low testosterone.

With this change, the FDA hopes that the number of men using low T drugs for the wrong reasons will decline. This is important, as recent studies have linked these drugs to an increased risk for stroke, heart attack, and other serious medical conditions.

Testosterone Therapy Lawsuits

Our dangerous drug attorneys are currently investigating potential lawsuits for those who have suffered from heart attacks, strokes, or any other serious medical conditions after using a testosterone replacement drug. If you’ve suffered any serious side effects after taking a testosterone therapy medication, contact us for a free case evaluation. 

Are low testosterone drugs useful in older men? Are they safe to take? These are the types of questions that the FDA has been faced with as the agency searches for answers amid increased use.

The FDA has scheduled an advisory panel meeting for later this month in hopes of settling on some final answers.

To this point, the agency has released preliminary information on its website, sharing its general thoughts. They noted that lower testosterone is common among men as they get older, but not always a sign of a health problem, such as a testicular disease. For this reason, the FDA said, “the need to replace testosterone in these older men remains debatable.”

The agency also said that over the past few years there has been an increase in the use of low T drugs, pushing from roughly 850,000 patients in 2010 to 1.5 million last year. Even with this increase, only half of the men taking medication were actually diagnosed with low testosterone.

With so much gray area, law suits regarding low T drugs and their side effects continue to be filed in states across the county.


Depo-Testosterone Injection LawsuitA California man has filed a product liability lawsuit against Pfizer, the company responsible for manufacturing the Depo-Testosterone shot. He alleges that the shot caused him to suffer several acute infractions, leading to additional time spent in the hospital as well as a greater future risk of heart attacks.

While the man and his wife filed the lawsuit on July 31, they are not the first people to do so. There are many others throughout the country pursuing testosterone lawsuits against the drug makers of many injections, patches, and gels, all of whom feel that an adequate warning, regarding heart risks, was not given.

According to the lawsuit, the man noted that if he were aware of the risks associated with Depo-Testosterone that he would have opted against the treatment.

Testosterone Lawsuit Lawyers

Depo®-Testosterone is a prescribed testosterone replacement therapy injection that may be linked to serious side effects such as heart attacks, stroke, or even death. Our attorneys are currently investigating potential lawsuits for those who have suffered serious medical complications after using the testosterone injections.

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