Testosterone Therapy Lawsuits

Testosterone Therapy Lawsuit LawyersATTENTION: Our dangerous drug attorneys are currently investigating potential lawsuits for those who have suffered from heart attacks, strokes, or any other serious medical conditions after using a testosterone replacement drug.

Testosterone, or "low-T," treatments have recently been linked to these serious and deadly side effects. After several studies reported the risk of death, heart attack, and stroke was significantly increased in males taking the testosterone products, the Food and Drug Administration decided to reassess the safety of these drugs.

Testosterone Therapy Drugs Currently on the Market

  • AndroGel® - a prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy manufactured and marketed by Abbott Laboratories and AbbVie Inc.
  • Androderm® Patch - a prescribed testosterone replacement therapy patch by Actavis Pharma, Inc.
  • Axiron® - a prescribed underarm testosterone replacement therapy by Eli Lilly and Company.
  • Bio-T-Gel®- a presecribed testosterone replacement gel applied to the body produced by BioSante Pharmaceuticals Inc., and marketed by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
  • Delatestryl® Injections - is a testosterone therapy given by injection produced by Endo Pharmaceuticals
  • Fortesta® - a prescribed testosterone replacement gel applied to the front and inner thighs by Endo Pharmaceutical Inc.
  • Striant® - a prescribed testosterone buccal system placed on the lining of the cheek and gum by Auxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Testim® - a prescribed testosterone replacement gel by Auxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Testosterone Drug Lawsuit Lawyers

If you've suffered from the complications of a testosterone therapy treatment, contact the Serpe Firm today to speak with our dangerous drug lawsuit lawyers. Our attorneys are actively involved in high-profile products liability lawsuits. Our lawyers have been appointed by their peers to serve as lead counsel in complex products litigation all over the country. Toll Free: 877-544-5323

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